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C/E Merle Boris - Day of the Seafarer testimonial

This year, on International Day of the Seafarer (25th June), we are celebrating all seafarers and people who dedicated part of their lives to the sea. This year's IMO campaign is to share your first and last voyage experience (and pictures if you have any!). Here's a story from our C/E Merle Boris, describing his career from the start until today.

"September 16th, 1985.

What a day.
The day I left my home for the first time to join the vessel. Definitely one of the days that made a huge, if not the biggest change in my life.
Just turned 18 years and joined the vessel in Koper (SL) as Engine Cadet.
I don't know what shocked me more, leaving the home or arriving on board, though both feelings were not very pleasant.

The vessel name was “Pula” however it was called “Old Pula” since was already 35 years old. The age of the vessel had no meaning to me as I had no idea about anything and I didn’t know whether it was good or bad.

Four years ago, in order to be able to get the LNG licence, I had to join the vessel as 4th Engineer (due to the Matrix) and managed to complete the contract. It was quite an experience to work again as 4th Engineer but it brought me to my current position on Thenamaris LNG and Pasat shipping service ltd.
Lately, first Covid-19 followed by the war in Ukraine made the life even harder, especially for those whose families are affected by the war or Covid-19, because being separated from the loved ones and not being there when and if the help is needed is the hardest part of the seaman’s job.

Happy day of the Seafarer"

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