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C/E Maljkovic Teo - Day of the Seafarer testimonial

This year, on International Day of the Seafarer (25th June), we are celebrating all seafarers and people who dedicated part of their lives to the sea. This year's IMO campaign is to share your first and last voyage experience (and pictures if you have any!). Here’s what C/E Teo Maljkovic, who climbed the ranks within Dorian from Engine Cadet to Chief Engineer, had to say:

"Dears, hope you are all well.

I started my career 8. October 2008. as Engine Cadet on DORIAN HELLAS VLGC LPG ship.

I could say that my very first voyage was that morning when I woke up to catch a plane for Kaarsto, Norway for joining the ship. OK, to be honest, I didn’t slept to much that night. Going to somewhere where I don’t know what to expect, completely new “world” to me.

My “second” first voyage was from Kaarsto to Houston over Scotland in October. What to expect (not knowing that time), continuous rolling. During first three days, I had seasick. During this period constantly was over my head, pleeeeeeeease STOP (either rolling or seasick). Therefore, since I’m writing this, looks like seasick is gone. After those three days and until now, if rolling, I only have big desire for food and that’s OK.

Today, currently I’m onboard, still on same Company, DORIAN LPG, in capacity of Chief Engineer. One thing what was really changed between my “second” first voyage and current one, is that then internet was not available onboard like today, and social networks or chatting apps were just in creation to establish good and regular touch/communication with your family, friends. Now it’s little bit simple, but only little, to be a seaman in regards of internet availability.

Have a calm seas

Best regards,

Teo Maljkovic"

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